Media Campus

Media Campus

First in the area of the Western Balkans, ANTIDOT launches a unique specialist program in the field of journalism called Media Campus. The best final-year students of journalism, postgraduates and young professionals from the region are given a chance to master new media practices, digital and network journalistic skills, as well as the most recent techniques of editing and managing the media.

Why does ANTIDOT launch this specialist program? There are several reasons for that. Firstly, after several months of careful analysis ANTIDOT has come to the conclusion that students and young journalists in the whole region are not given enough opportunities to actually apply the acquired knowledge, and to, at the same time, acquire new knowledge through direct practice. Secondly, this lack of opportunities for young professionals in the field of journalism and the media arises from the fact that there are no specialist programs of this type or are very expensive. Thirdly, apparent tendency of young, educated people in the region to eliminate multiple barriers in mutual communications, both at the professional and at the institutional level, fails to produce sufficient response in the media and political environment. Fourthly, there are no specialist programs with adequate quality which can train young people, especially those who already have several years of experience, to perform the most responsible editorial and management positions in the field of journalism and the media. In response to this situation ANTIDOT launches a regional specialist program in the field of journalism and the media.

Media Campus is the program of theory and practice which removes the boundaries between newspapers, magazines, photojournalism, multimedia and broadcasting and teaches students how to create stories intended for the different media platforms and to do it clearly, concisely and convincingly. This is the program which teaches the students to master the process which constitutes the multimedia journalism in the best possible way: from thinking of the theme, through data collection, analysis and narrative, to visualization, publication and user feedback through practical work, and the use of a wide range of digital tools, the students implement actual projects. They work in multidisciplinary groups, learning where to find the data, how to clarify and refine them and then how to prepare them for quality, multimedia, public presentation and placement.

Media Campus 2015 starts with the summer program which will be organized successively, through lectures and workshops in three regional centers, constantly connected by online communication. This specialist program coordinated by Prof.dr. Stanko Crnobrnja includes renowned lecturers from the region and Europe, as well as the top professionals in the fields of media and journalism. The entire program, which means its specialist and organizational part, is free for all students who complete the selection and qualification process.

Media Campus expects the candidates who possess the ability to fully independently and individually explore the most complex social and technological topics, who have excellent communication skills, as well as the determination to search for the original and critical interpretations of reality. Media Campus is open for a total of 30 students/participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija.

The specialist program consists of three modules: 1) Modern writing and reporting techniques, 2) Digital revolution in journalism and the media, 3) Editing, management and entrepreneurship in classical and digital mass media. Each module consists of five appropriate courses, i.e. media workshops.

Media Campus is organized in cooperation with the founders of the “International Academy of Broadcasting" from Monterey and Dublin (I.A.B). In 1993 when it was founded, IAB was the first and only academic, postgraduate institution in the world dedicated exclusively to the study of radio and television.