• Milan Jovanovic

    Milan Jovanovic

    Milan Jovanovic is one of Antidot’s initiators and founding members.
    He started his journalistic career while attending high school in Novi Sad and continued his professional involvement in journalism as a writer for the Yugoslav “The Youth” magazine, where he will later become the magazine’s youngest editor in chief, while studying philosophy at the University in Belgrade. He was also the editor of the theoretical periodical “Ideas”.
    As a journalist he worked with almost all the major newspapers and weeklies in all of the republics of former Yugoslavia. The most fruitful period of his career is connected to television – as a reporter, editor and producer. He gained his first experiences of working on television at RTV Zagreb and later at RTV Belgrade where he will become the first editor in chief of its Third channel 3KTVB, as well as the first chief editor of RTVB’s first English news program “The Belgrade Evening Report”. He was also on the first team for the first TVAM program in Yugoslavia on TV Belgrade. From 2006 to 2008 he worked as an executive producer of Fox Television Serbia’s TVAM program. After that he stated his professional involvement with the NGO Forum for Security and Democracy, which he founded and is its director of since 2004. and became it’s president in 2012.